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Presentation: How Shifting to Online Learning Affects Pedagogy in Higher Education

We at Hanover Research understand your concerns about the current spread of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) and its potential impact on…continue reading 

The Enrollment Challenge: Tactics for Every Department

Overall higher education enrollments in the United States declined for the eighth straight year in 2019, marking it as a…continue reading 

2020 Trends in K-12 Education

As we enter a new decade, policy changes, demographic shifts, demand for teacher wellness initiatives, and evolving technology are creating…continue reading 

New Product Development Checklist

Launching a new product can be an exciting new venture for companies. New product development (NPD) can help companies understand…continue reading 

Webinar Recording: Grant Writing vs. Academic Writing

For many grant-seekers in higher education, developing competitive grant proposals requires a departure from the conventions of academic writing. In…continue reading 

Photo of a university campus

Are your programs meeting labor market demands? Within a fast-changing job market, it is critical for higher education institutions to…continue reading 

Strategic Plan Implementation Framework

Strategic planning helps school districts achieve organizational alignment, connect stakeholders to a purpose, and address areas for improvement. But, implementing…continue reading 

Top 7 Tips for a Successful Rebrand

All companies have a brand, whether they actively work to cultivate one or not. Organizations reap the value of brand…continue reading 

2020 Trends in Higher Education

The world of higher education today is far different than the one of even five years ago. Institutions have seen…continue reading 

Webinar Recording: Keys to Proposal Resubmission

Many grant proposals do not get funded on the first try. Especially for certain types of grant funders and programs,…continue reading 

The State of Mapping the Customer Journey

Customer journey maps visualize the journey your customers take on their path to purchase, providing critical insights into how they…continue reading 

The Impact of Customer Journey Maps

Customer journey maps are an important business investment for generating ROI across an organization. Organizations use and derive the most…continue reading 

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