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In the following report, Hanover Research investigates best practices in the prevention of bullying and suicide among school-aged youths. In…continue reading 

Equitable Discipline through Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

In the following report, Hanover Research reviews best practices in providing equitable discipline, particularly through the use of Positive Behavioral Interventions…continue reading 


Introduction Since the mid-2000s, international student enrollment in U.S. postsecondary institutions has increased by 35 percent, from approximately 564,800 in…continue reading 

Best Practices for Effective Grants Management

In the following report, Hanover Research provides a discussion of best practices for effective grants management within a large healthcare…continue reading 

Alternative Revenue Generation Practices for Law Schools

Introduction Law schools have long utilized tuition and alumni donations as their primary means of revenue. However, with declining applications…continue reading 


In the following report, Hanover assesses the funding models, both general and more innovative, for kindergarten and pre-K programs, with…continue reading 


Executive Summary In the following report, Hanover Research will discuss some ways that institutions of higher education can increase student…continue reading 


Recent years have seen a growing emphasis on inclusive instructional models, in which all students receive instruction simultaneously. An inclusive…continue reading 


  In this report, Hanover Research examines post-tenure review practices at public, Midwestern universities that have a collectively bargained agreement…continue reading 

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