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Why Evoqua Water Technologies is Partnering with Hanover Research

Hanover’s recent voice of customer work with us has been insightful and informative as we seek to strengthen our positioning in a few key segments of the water treatment solutions market. The research was both helpful in confirming some previous …continue reading 

Why Cloverdale Foods Company is Partnering with Hanover Research

When I joined Cloverdale last year, I had to quickly establish baseline metrics in key markets for multiple brands, and Hanover’s Brand Tracker was an ideal solution.

The Brand Tracker platform turns data into simple visual stories, and …continue reading 

Why Once Upon a Farm Organics is Partnering with Hanover Research

Utilizing Hanover’s Brand Tracker has enabled us to quantitatively assess core segments of our consumer base, namely across baby food and children’s snacks. Taking a data-driven approach to measure key metrics such as Awareness, Consideration, …continue reading 

Why FLEXcon Company, Inc. is Partnering with Hanover Research

FLEXcon was interested in testing its value proposition for a new product. It was important for us to understand how current and potential stakeholders perceive brand, product and service in their purchase decision. Hanover’s bulletin board focu …continue reading 

Why Sigma is Partnering with Hanover Research

We have a very lean Marketing team and really needed to understand our brand equity, but we didn't have the resources to put towards it. Hanover provided us not only with capacity to understand our brand, but their expertise in brand assessments …continue reading 

Why Health Language is Partnering with Hanover Research

Hanover’s secondary research approach to market sizing helped us with our strategic planning process and refreshed our business case to be more accurate. Hanover’s multi-methodology capabilities with secondary and primary research allow us to …continue reading 

Why General Tools is Partnering with Hanover Research

Hanover Research’s market analysis work helped us size and evaluate a new market. The work was completed timely and with actionable insights. We value our partnership with Hanover Research.

continue reading 
Why Alliance Laundry Systems is Partnering with Hanover Research

Hanover’s in-depth interview (IDI) capabilities provided actionable recommendations that our sales and marketing teams will use to speak to our customers in the right way. The research helped us identify gaps and present product packages in a di …continue reading 

Why CIRCOR Aerospace is Partnering with Hanover Research

We greatly appreciate the high quality of work that Hanover has produced for us during our partnership. Hanover has been able to delve into very specific markets for many of our products, providing valuable insights including market trends, barrie …continue reading 

New Client Testimonial: Why Hydrite Chemical Co. is Partnering with Hanover Research

Before our engagement, Hydrite had only worked with external firms on sporadic projects. After preliminary talks where Hanover demonstrated their professionalism and value proposition, we decided to partner so Hanover could: a). expand our capabil …continue reading 

Friedrich Air Conditioning Creates Sales Dashboard

Hanover took all of our sales data and created an actionable dashboard for the team. It is the BEST money we ever spent on research and consulting work.

continue reading 
Clayton Homes Validates Increases in Brand Awareness with Hanover Brand Tracking Services

We realized the demand for insights was outpacing our team’s growth. For the cost of another full-time employee, we had the entire Hanover team dedicated to help with big projects that require consistent attention. I felt confident that experien …continue reading 

Sylvan Validates Market Presence and Diversifies Product Portfolio Using Hanover Surveys

Sylvan is a huge company, but our headquarter operations are quite small – meaning we have to prioritize how to efficiently allocate our staff’s time. Having Hanover’s partnership gives us the best of both worlds, providing dedicated support …continue reading 

BIC Leverages Hanover Partnership to Access the Consumer Voice

Partnering with Hanover helps BIC better understand our consumers. Our team works across departments to prioritize product launches and refinements, and then uses Hanover as a sounding board to determine the best way to extract consumer needs. We …continue reading 

Building a Robust Industry Index for the Auto Care Association

We value Hanover’s ability to thoroughly contemplate our research questions and execute sophisticated and innovative methodologies that best support our organization’s strategic direction and product division. We view Hanover as a partner in o …continue reading 

Hanover’s Research-Based Insight Drives New Product Development

Hanover’s predictions and estimates were right in line with the actual price tradeoff and acquisition rates we experienced during product launch. Our leadership team regularly says that this is the most heavily and thoroughly researched NPD laun …continue reading 

Hanover Research Quantifies Promotion Offers for Princess Cruises

We use Hanover for consumer insights projects that require more sophisticated research methodologies than our team has the capability for. Additionally, we never know what research questions will be coming our way so we value Hanover’s ability t …continue reading 

Mueller Leverages Market Analysis for Long-Term Product Strategy

Our experience over the last couple of years with Hanover has certainly exceeded expectations. I can truly say that our management team here at Mueller now think of Hanover first when they have research, survey or business intelligence needs. This …continue reading 

Hanover Helps Blue Diamond Growers Strengthen Product and New Business Strategies

Hanover adds critical manpower to Blue Diamond’s product marketing efforts. Our team has limited time, and therefore uses Hanover to devote a level of attention to specific categories of interest that we cannot dedicate ourselves. Through the pa …continue reading 

UAB Health System Uses Hanover as Business Intelligence Component for Planning Efforts

Hanover fulfills a niche for us for us in terms of custom research, which is not something that we’re able to readily access elsewhere… Hanover takes a practical approach to best practices research rather than a theoretical or philosophical ap …continue reading 

Hanover Provides Learning A-Z Integrated Research to Support Growth

We are always looking for more data, more inputs, and more insight to make good choices for the future of our business. By leveraging Hanover’s price elasticity report, and corroborating these findings with our own research and assumptions, we w …continue reading 

Hawaii Pacific Health Joins Hanover to Access Federal Grants and Spearhead Local Funding Efforts

We chose to work with Hanover over other providers based on the company’s commitment to client service and relations. My goal for the coming year is to develop our organization’s effectiveness when responding to federal grant awards – which …continue reading 

Area Agency Works with Hanover to Assess Community Needs

Hanover Research has provided guidance and assistance in helping the Area Agency determine what our customers need now and what tomorrow's aging population will desire. Hanover took a lead, requiring little of our team, to develop a thorough and i …continue reading 

Southcoast Hospitals Group Uses Hanover to Frame Internal Grantseeking Processes

Hanover Research has helped frame our internal grant seeking process at Southcoast Health. The extensive research that they provide for funding opportunities combined with their direction and assistance in grant writing has led to the submission o …continue reading 

UAB Health System Uses Hanover as Business Intelligence Component for Planning Efforts

We’ve found Hanover to be an extremely effective business intelligence component to our planning efforts… Hanover adds to our bench strength around specific topics by diving deeper into the national and competitive trends that we don’t …continue reading 

Great Circle Leverages Hanover’s Strategic Direction to Secure Grant Funding

Thank you for all of your good work in assisting us to frame a submission in a stiff nation-wide competition. Hanover was able to absorb a lot of complex information about Great Circle, our strategic direction utilizing the Baldrige Model of Perfo …continue reading 

Wayfair Values Hanover’s Partnership Model

We’ve been extremely happy with the partnership. I think you guys produce great work and we’ve been thrilled. We appreciate your nimbleness when you modify survey projects to fulfill our on-demand needs.

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