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Program evaluations provide actionable information on district initiatives, increase transparency and accountability within the district, and help leaders make evidence-based decisions. Hanover’s advisors offer guidance on developing evaluation frameworks and conducting comprehensive evaluations that are tailored to your district’s unique context.

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Measure ROI with these program performance evaluations

Remote and Hybrid Evaluation Framework

Provides districts with actionable and timely information about the delivery of hybrid and/or remote learning across the 2020-21 school year.

Logic Model Development

Displays the resources, activities, and participants of a program, along with their intended results, to see how a program should work in theory and in practice.

Fidelity of Implementation Interviews

Gathers interview data from your staff to explore how a program is being implemented at the school or classroom level while also identifying barriers to program implementation.

Program Prioritization Survey

Collects data from district and school-level leaders about program adoption and efficacy, informing the development of an annual program evaluation cycle.

Program Implementation Benchmarking

Highlights the success stories and challenges your peers have experienced in their program implementation efforts to help your district implement programs successfully.

Benchmark Assessment Differential Analysis

Determines whether there are differences in student achievement between online, hybrid, and/or in-person learners this school year and the extent to which your district needs to adjust its instructional offerings. 

Program Improvement Infographic

Offers transparency to your stakeholders by providing concise summaries of your program evaluations in the form of infographics, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and providing action steps for improving program outcomes.

Program Evaluation Workshop

Engages workshop attendees in practical application, reflection, and collaborative learning opportunities around program evaluation, offering valuable tools and resources to guide your district’s internal program evaluation efforts.

The Program Evaluation Workshop is available through Hanover’s Advisory Services.

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