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Academic Program Planning and Impact

Invest in the Highest-Performing Programs for K–12

Thoughtfully plan for and evaluate your district’s instructional practices, policy, and programming

As budget and resourcing challenges continue, districts face a crucial question: are they investing in the programs with the most impact, and, if not, how can they improve? 

Hanover will guide your district through a comprehensive evaluation process tailored to your district’s unique needs. As a result, you’ll be able to make evidenced-based decisions on where to invest district dollars, increase transparency into district decision-making, and create accountability for program performance.

Know what is working when you evaluate your academic programs

Develop academic programs that align with your district priorities

Your Hanover advisory team will help your district understand how to define, evaluate, and align programs with strategic instructional priorities to maximize student success.

Program Impact Analysis

Invest in the programs with the most impact

Hanover will provide a thorough review of your district’s programs to help you understand which program investments are positively impacting student learning and which ones should be modified or deprioritized.

Program Prioritization Survey

Develop a program prioritization framework

Understand which district and school-based programs exist, how often staff use these programs, and which programs should be prioritized for evaluation.

Logic Model Development

Ensure programs have the resources they need

Hanover will map out a logic model to articulate program objectives, inputs, key activities and resources, as well as short-term and long-term expected outcomes.

Fidelity of Implementation Survey

Understand if your program implementation has been effective

Once a program is launched, this survey helps you understand whether a program is being implemented as planned.

Ways to Partner

Hanover offers multiple ways to work with us. From one-on-one expert guidance and custom research to professional learning and on-demand resources, our goal is to customize our capabilities and support to best meet your needs.

Our research partnership provides you with a dedicated research team and a customized research plan that will deliver actionable insights and analysis.

Our Advisory Services include our research services in addition to personalized support from one of our advisors, interactive workshops, and group consultations.

The Educator Learning Center (ELC) is our online professional learning platform that makes teacher learning sustainable, useful, and convenient.  

Our always-on resource that provides research, data, benchmarking, and implementation tools that you can access anytime and share across teams and departments.

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Hanover’s research in K-12 education is shared with LWSD’s school board, administrators, teachers, and parents to lend credibility to the district’s strategic work….

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