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Curriculum and Instruction

Develop Curricula and Practices that Produce the Best Outcomes for Students

Provide high-quality, research-based curriculum and instructional practices

A well-designed curriculum can aid districts in providing equitable educational opportunities and equip students for their post-secondary careers or education. However, creating and executing a successful curriculum can be a complex process. 

Hanover Research will collaborate with you to attain your curriculum and instructional objectives. Through research that informs your curriculum writing, we will assist you in establishing a rigorous, culturally appropriate, and student-centric curriculum.

Provide all students with a high-quality, well-rounded educational experience

Implement instructional practices across the district

Your Hanover advisory team will help your district create a departmental action plan to ensure each team is executing on critical teaching and learning goals.

Course Sequencing Data Analysis

Identify curricular needs and address gaps in programmatic access

Our experts will analyze course completion data to reveal the pathways students in your district follow in core content areas and allow you to identify and address gaps in programmatic access.

Ensure teachers have the skills they need to provide excellent instruction

Our online professional learning platform was created for teachers by teachers designed specifically to support practitioner learning, quality, and effectiveness through interactive customizable modules, practical tools and resources, and discussion boards.

Program implementation benchmarking

Benchmark against other districts

Hanover will help you maximize your district’s investments and make confident programming decisions by examining each of your program’s impact on your students, and their learning outcomes, against what your peers are doing.


Provide a high-quality education that prepares students for the 21st century​

Hanover will evaluate if your curriculum is currently preparing students for college and careers and assess any CTE programs currently in use to ensure they align with current labor market trends.​

Ways to Partner

Hanover offers multiple ways to work with us. From one-on-one expert guidance and custom research to professional learning and on-demand resources, our goal is to customize our capabilities and support to best meet your needs.

Our research partnership provides you with a dedicated research team and a customized research plan that will deliver actionable insights and analysis.

Our Advisory Services include our research services in addition to personalized support from one of our advisors, interactive workshops, and group consultations.

The Educator Learning Center (ELC) is our online professional learning platform that makes teacher learning sustainable, useful, and convenient.  

Our always-on resource that provides research, data, benchmarking, and implementation tools that you can access anytime and share across teams and departments.

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