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Discover how effective your district operations truly are and identify opportunities to improve

In the rapidly changing K-12 environment, district operations must adapt quickly.

As school districts become more nimble organizations, Hanover’s advisors are prepared to provide recommendations based on the trends in the research, help your organization gather and interpret stakeholder feedback, analyze your district’s current performance, and provide support for developing an action plan that works toward your goals.

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Understand where your district operations need to improve to keep up with the changing environment

Benchmarking Peer Budget Proposals

Identify how peers are operating with fewer resources due to upcoming reductions in operating budgets. This report offers innovative ways to meet the needs of the district with fewer resources.

Staff Self-Care Strategies

Support staff by implementing strategies that demonstrate a commitment to well-being and creating an empathetic work environment. This brief provides resources to help leaders implement supportive policies and practice.

Employee Engagement and Inclusion Survey

Assesses your organization’s employee engagement and sense of inclusion using the Employee Engagement and Inclusion Survey, co-designed with Cleveland Metropolitan School District, to build a more inclusive work environment for staff.

District Operations Survey

Evaluates your district’s student academic programming, student supports, technology access, transportation, security and safety, and communication to determine effectiveness of district operations. 

Enrollment and Demographic Trends Analysis

Anticipates potential changes to district enrollment over the next five years and identifies impact on revenue and expenditures to help inform districts’ operational planning.

Discussion Guide: Adapting Classified Staff Responsibilities

Engages cabinet and board members in a dialogue about adapting staff responsibilities as operational needs shift this school year. 

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