District Strategic Planning

Build and Monitor Your Strategic Plans

Take clear steps to monitor your district's performance and success

Strategic planning requires a deep dive into historical data, a collaborative effort between district and building-level administrators, stakeholders to assess current and historical performance, and a plan committed to equity. Hanover’s advisors direct leaders who are interested in developing a new strategic plan or refining their existing plan.

Need Data Point

Achieve organizational alignment, connect stakeholders to a purpose, and address areas for improvement

Promote Equity Within Your District

Our Equity Planning Framework​ provides a guide for talking about, assessing, and promoting equity within the district. Members receive a roadmap for how the district can purposefully include equity as a lens for strategic planning.

Identify The Needs Of Vulnerable Populations

Our Virtual Focus Groups engage a diverse group of stakeholders to help district leaders understand stakeholders’ perceptions of district performance and identify the needs of the most vulnerable populations in the district.

Identify Strategic Priorities

KPI Reporting examines districts’ strategic plans to identify common goals and metrics for setting and measuring strategic priorities and recommends KPIs the district should use to monitor progress toward its strategic goals.

Measure The Success Of Your Strategy

KPI Progress Monitoring analyzes student outcome data (such as academics, discipline) to identify areas in which the district will need to focus during the strategic planning cycle.

Prioritize Strategic Efforts

Our Strategic Planning Diagnostic gathers feedback from district and school leaders to help prioritize efforts across different strategic areas including District Leadership; Teaching and Learning; District Culture; and Recruiting and Operations.

Guide Stakeholders Through The Process

The Strategic Planning Toolkit​ includes guiding questions, sample templates, and important tools to guide stakeholders through each step of the strategic planning process, from setting achievable goals to developing a fully-formed plan. 

Focus Strategic Vision Into Actionable Goal

The Strategic Planning Workshop​ is a guided session in which leaders conduct situational analysis and formulate goals and targets related to district priorities. District leaders will be able to focus action on the most important levers for improving performance.

The Strategic Planning Workshop is part of Hanover’s Advisory Services.

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