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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Foster an Environment Where All Students Feel a Sense of Belonging

Maximize your equitable outcomes by understanding and meeting the needs of your students

Establishing a fair and just learning environment is a districtwide effort. It requires an understanding of the current state of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the district. It also must include the perspectives of students, research-based evaluations, and input from the community. 

At Hanover Research, we can help you establish an effective DEI strategy for your district. Our suite of research, tools, and expert guidance will help you develop a districtwide DEI framework, foster agreement with the community, and execute successful DEI initiatives. 

Get the tools you need to build a schoolwide system that meets the needs and fosters a sense of belonging of each student

Set effective and achievable DEI goals and strategies

The Hanover advisory team will provide guidance to district leadership and DEI working groups, assisting them in conducting a thorough examination of qualitative and quantitative data to pinpoint disparities, articulate attainable goals, and determine mitigation strategies.

DEI Diagnostic

Assess the current state of DEI in your district

Hanover’s DEI Diagnostic evaluates student, parent, and staff perceptions of components of DEI including school belonging, social environment, academic environment, staff perceptions, engagement and outreach, and district priorities. You can compare your results with districts across the country in the aggregated DEI Dashboard.

Equity Scorecard

Track your district’s progress on equity metrics and outcomes over time

Hanover's Equity Scorecard evaluates your district on two key disparities: gaps in student outcomes and behavioral outcomes, and inequities in access to programs. As a result, you can create a measurable framework to track DEI initiatives and understand where to focus improvement efforts.

Community Focus Groups

Gather meaningful input from the community on your district’s DEI strengths and challenges

Our focus group facilitators will lead discussions with staff, students, and families on strengths and challenges related to DEI in your district. Our analysis provides in-depth insight into the experiences and perspectives of the participants.

Give teachers the tools to meet the needs of each student

Our online professional learning platform supports educators across twelve crucial education topic areas such as creating equitable and culturally responsive classroom strategies and environments, enhancing students’ social-emotional learning, and supporting evidence-based practices through a Multi-Tiered System of Supports.

dei community Capstone

Communicate your DEI strategic planning process

Hanover's DEI Community Report provides you with a report and infographics to effectively communicate your DEI strategic planning plan moving forward to your board or external community members.

Ways to Partner

Hanover offers multiple ways to work with us. From one-on-one expert guidance and custom research to professional learning and on-demand resources, our goal is to customize our capabilities and support to best meet your needs.

Our research partnership provides you with a dedicated research team and a customized research plan that will deliver actionable insights and analysis.

Our Advisory Services include our research services in addition to personalized support from one of our advisors, interactive workshops, and group consultations.

The Educator Learning Center (ELC) is our online professional learning platform that makes teacher learning sustainable, useful, and convenient.  

Our always-on resource that provides research, data, benchmarking, and implementation tools that you can access anytime and share across teams and departments.

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Build systems that meet the needs of all students

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