K-12 Educator Learning Center

Customizable professional learning built on research-based practices

The Hanover Educator Learning Center is a professional development platform that uses engaging, interactive content to support teachers and principals on the critical needs facing districts—at a time and place that works best for them.

Hanover’s Educator Learning Center (ELC) is a flexible learning platform that helps districts:

The ELC Difference

Personalized learning for teachers.

Translate professional learning into classroom success.

Facilitate peer-to-peer communication and sharing within and between districts.

Supports implementation, continuous improvement and helps monitor progress towards goals.

Tailors core content to your specific needs beyond our curriculum.

100% of users noted their ELC learning positively impacted their teaching practice.

An Excerpt from Our Mindful Stress Management Instruction Interactive Learning Module

Tap into the benefits of Hanover's virtual Educator Learning Center:

ELC Benefits for Teachers

ELC Benefits for Administrators

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