K-12 Educator Learning Center

Customizable professional learning built on research-based practices

The Hanover Educator Learning Center is a professional development platform that uses engaging, interactive content to support teachers and principals on the critical needs facing districts—at a time and place that works best for them.

Hanover’s Educator Learning Center (ELC) is a flexible learning platform that helps districts:

The ELC Difference

Personalized learning for teachers.

Translate professional learning into classroom success.

Facilitate peer-to-peer communication and sharing within and between districts.

Supports implementation, continuous improvement and helps monitor progress towards goals.

Tailors core content to your specific needs beyond our curriculum.

100% of users noted their ELC learning positively impacted their teaching practice.

Example ELC Module: Helping ELs Learn Mathematical Concepts – Vocabulary

Tap into the benefits of Hanover's virtual Educator Learning Center:

ELC Benefits for Teachers

ELC Benefits for Administrators

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