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Operational Planning

Ensure Efficient and Effective District Operations

Discover how effective your district operations are and identify opportunities to improve

School districts consistently have to do more with less to effectively meet the needs of every child. Operational effectiveness is key for districts to ensure they are stretching their resources and investing dollars where they will have the most impact.

Hanover offers a suite of solutions to help maximize your district operations. Our experts can help you identify inefficiencies, evaluate your strategic plan’s implementation, and ensure you are doing the most with your limited resources.

Understand where your district operations need to improve to keep up with the changing environment

Effectively put strategic goals into action

Your Hanover advisory team will partner with the school district’s operations leadership to develop a customized departmental action plan to ensure your team is executing the goals outlined in the district’s strategic plan efficiently and effectively.

Operational Metrics Analysis

Determine the effectiveness of your current operations

Our experts will conduct a quantitative analysis of key operational metrics to identify areas of improvement and measure changes over time.


Optimize your staffing and organizational structures

We will evaluate your district’s student academic programming, student support, technology access, transportation, security and safety, and communication to determine the effectiveness of district operations.

Benchmark Staffing Structures

Help to meet your current needs with fewer resources

Our experts will compare your district’s organizational structure with peer and aspirant districts across the county to identify potential opportunities and ensure alignment with strategic priorities.

User Satisfaction Survey

Identify inefficiencies in programs

Hanover will provide your leaders with survey data on perceptions of program participation.

School Start Times Analysis

Optimize school hours of operation

Hanover will analyze perceptions around current and proposed school start times and assess the impact of school start time changes on the district.

Ways to Partner

Hanover offers multiple ways to work with us. From one-on-one expert guidance and custom research to professional learning and on-demand resources, our goal is to customize our capabilities and support to best meet your needs.

Our research partnership provides you with a dedicated research team and a customized research plan that will deliver actionable insights and analysis.

Our Advisory Services include our research services in addition to personalized support from one of our advisors, interactive workshops, and group consultations.

The Educator Learning Center (ELC) is our online professional learning platform that makes teacher learning sustainable, useful, and convenient.  

Our always-on resource that provides research, data, benchmarking, and implementation tools that you can access anytime and share across teams and departments.

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