School Climate

Foster Positive Learning Communities for Your Students

Build a truly equitable school climate by uncovering opportunity gaps

As students’ learning environment varies between in-person, hybrid, and remote, Hanover’s advisors can provide recommendations based on research trends, help your organization gather and interpret stakeholder feedback, analyze your current performance, and support efforts to develop an action plan to work toward your goals.

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Assess every area of your school climate—from schools and buildings to stakeholder inclusiveness

Measure School Climate

Our Climate Survey is used in a single year or longitudinally by assessing the school/building environment, academic environment, social environment, and stakeholder inclusiveness via an interactive dashboard to facilitate strategic decision making.

Gather Input From Faculty And Students

Use the Equity Diagnostic​ to gauge understanding of equity issues and identify opportunity gaps in policies and practice. 

Grow Students' SEL Competencies

The SEL Planning, Selecting, and Evaluating Toolkit helps district and school leaders select and implement practices that will grow students’ social-emotional competencies regardless of their learning environment. 

Implement Restorative Justice In Your School

The Restorative Justice Best Practices summarizes recommendations for implementing restorative justice practices in schools and suggests frameworks and tools for school and district leaders to adopt best practices. 

Support SEL Learning

Our Social-Emotional Learning Programming provides a summary of common approaches to developing and supporting students’ social-emotional competencies. 

Reenter In-Person Learning With a Strategy

Hanover’s School Reentry Discussion Guide engages your stakeholders in a dialogue about school reentry. This resource can be used in your reentry working groups, with school improvement committees, or cabinet discussions.

Identify Areas For Disciplinary Training

The Discipline Disproportionality Dashboard identifies which, if any, student subpopulations are experiencing a disproportionate number of disciplinary actions and whether staff in your district need additional training for supporting students’ needs. 

Prioritize Resources For Underrepresented Students

The Equity Scorecard provides a set of interactive visualizations comparing student performance and access outcomes across subgroups, helping leaders prioritize resources for underrepresented student groups and/or communicate progress to community.

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