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Identify areas for improvement in your district to help all students feel supported

Supporting student success requires adopting research-based curriculum and instruction and committing to an equitable learning environment.

Hanover’s advisors provide recommendations based on research trends, help your organization gather and interpret stakeholder feedback, analyze your district’s current performance, and provide support to develop an action plan that works toward your goals.

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Engage students, parents, faculty, and staff to build an inclusive, equitable district

Support Remote And Hybrid Learning Success

Our Best Practices for Remote Teaching identifies and synthesizes research-based instructional strategies for supporting students in remote and hybrid learning environments.

Identify Opportunity Gaps

Hanover’s Attendance Policy Benchmarking examines how peer districts are classifying students as truant and provides recommendations for districts who are concerned about widening opportunity gaps in a remote/hybrid instructional environment. 

Understand District Curriculum And Instruction

Our Student Success Analysis engages students and parents to inform the district’s assessment of its instruction and programming, whether remote, in-person, or hybrid. We also conduct a SWOT analysis of your curriculum and instruction.

Track Implementation Of Programming Or Practices

With the Program Success Pulse Interviews, leaders can identify areas of innovation and success to bring to scale across a school or district.

Predict Learning Loss

The Learning Loss Projector predicts the extent of probable learning loss caused by COVID-19 school closures through a model of historical trends in learning loss associated with summer breaks and other school closures.

Identify Student Participation In Remote Learning

Our Student Participation in Learning Analysis evaluates the extent to which students are participating in remote and hybrid learning and differences in participation across student subgroups. 

Visually Convey Information To Stakeholders

Hanover’s Attendance Infographic informs your stakeholders about new or revised attendance policies and expectations for attendance for in-person, remote, or hybrid learning.

Build An Equitable Learning Environment

Our Equity Workshop is a facilitated workshop that pinpoints areas in your district that need additional support and provides tools and strategies to ensure you are building an equitable environment that maximizes students’ learning and success.

The Equity Workshop is part of our Advisory Services.

Learn more about Hanover’s Advisory Services.

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