Teacher Engagement

Attract and Retain Great Teachers

Facilitate your staff's growth by offering the professional development they want—and need—most

Recruiting, mentoring, and retaining staff is critical to support student learning. Hanover’s advisors are prepared to provide recommendations for supporting your staff, gathering and interpreting stakeholder feedback, analyzing your district’s current performance, and developing an action plan to work toward your goals.

Sustained Professional Development is associated with a 21% increase in achievement

Get insights on how to recruit, engage, and retain staff

Adapt Your Professional Development Framework

Our Online Professional Development Practices present research-based guidance to accommodate a remote work environment and tailor professional development to individual teachers’ needs. 

Assess Your Professional Learning Investments

Use our Professional Learning Evaluation Framework​ to create a customized evaluation framework to determine which offerings are most effective in meeting staff needs. 

Inform Decisions Around Professional Development

Our Professional Development Needs Assessment examines your district’s current professional learning options providing your teachers with the professional learning they truly want and need.

Improve Change Management In Your District

Hanover’s Professional Learning Focus Groups​ evaluate if, and how, staff are learning from the district’s offerings, and identify exemplary practices to implement. 

Retain Quality Educators

Our Teacher Retention Analysis determines the proportion of teachers who are retained and whether there are disproportionalities in retaining teachers of different demographic characteristics to help district leaders overcome their retention challenges.

Reinforce Your District’s Professional Learning Priorities

The Educator Learning Center combines the quality of in-person professional learning with the convenience and affordability of online professional development, providing best-in-class learning modules.

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