Hanover Research Releases New Market Intelligence and Analytics Solutions for Businesses

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ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – Hanover Research (Hanover), a leading provider of market intelligence and analytics, has announced new solutions designed to help business leaders and their teams address key challenges across the marketing, business strategy, and sales functions.

“The explosion of data availability from multiple sources has, in many ways, paralyzed rather than facilitated decision-making. With important resource allocation calls to make about customers, markets, and products, companies need a partner that can help them understand and extract insight from the myriad data – much of it of dubious quality –  available to them. That’s why Hanover has formulated a new suite of information solutions designed to solve precisely this problem; to help our clients across industry sectors collect high quality data, cut through the noise, and focus on the critical insights they need to make smarter decisions,” says Anil Prahlad, Chief Content (Research) Officer, Hanover Research.

Hanover’s Marketing Solutions include:

  • Brand Strategy: Assesses brand perception and creates messaging that resonates with customers, differentiates from competitors, and helps increase market share.
  • Customer Insights: Defines key customer segments and identifies needs, preferences, and feedback to help craft a high-quality customer experience.
  • Product Innovation: Surfaces marketable product ideas, refines concepts, and ensures customer adoption after launch.
  • Pricing Strategy: Analyzes pricing data and tests the impact of pricing changes on consumer purchase decisions.
  • Consumer Journey: Identifies consumer preferences and drivers of behavior to create a more targeted marketing strategy and improve customer satisfaction.

Hanover’s Strategy Solutions include:

  • Market Entry: Uncovers optimal growth opportunities using a rigorous and proprietary opportunity identification, prioritization, and validation process.
  • M&A Opportunity Evaluation: Identifies and prioritizes ideal-fit acquisition targets and pressure tests potential targets with non-financial due diligence.

Hanover’s Sales Solutions include:

“The marketplace our clients are playing in is changing rapidly requiring them to understand their customers and markets comprehensively and more frequently,” says Vineeta Mooganur, Chief Growth Officer, Hanover Research. “Our new solutions take a prescriptive, proven approach toward helping our clients achieve their growth goals by enabling them to make smarter decisions more quickly.”

To learn more about Hanover’s new solutions, visit www.hanoverresearch.com/corporate-solutions.


About Hanover Research:

Founded in 2003, Hanover Research is a global research and analytics firm that delivers market intelligence through a fixed-fee model to more than 1,000 clients across all sectors. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, Hanover employs high-caliber market researchers, analysts, and account professionals to provide a service that is revolutionary in its combination of flexibility and affordability. Hanover was named a Top 50 Market Research Firm by the American Marketing Association in 2015 and 2016, and a Washington Business Journal Top 50 Fastest Growing Company in 2014 and 2015. To learn more about Hanover Research, visit www.hanoverresearch.com.

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