Hinds Community College Programs Support Minority Male Student Achievement

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WASHINGTON, DC— Hinds Community College recently graduated its first class of success stories based on the efforts of two programs tasked with improving learning outcomes for minority male students. During the fall of 2011, the College received a $590,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Education for the establishment of a Minority Male Leadership Initiative (M2M); shortly thereafter it was awarded $424,000 from the Gateway to College National Network for the creation of a scholarship program with similar student achievement goals.

The initiative has come a long way since the programs began in 2011.

For one, the first class of ‘Gateway’ students graduated this June. The Gateway program enrolls high school students in danger of not graduating and allows them to finish high school at Hinds while also earning college credits. This joint effort between the College and neighboring Rankin County School District illustrates how Hinds is working to strengthen its service area by enabling formerly “at risk” students to become productive citizens of the local community.

“We are thrilled to have five graduates of the Gateway to College program in its first year. Every student who graduates from this program is a success story,” said Valerie Barton, Gateway to College director. “Not only do these students have their high school diploma, each of them also has college credit hours they have earned in the process.”

Similarly, the M2M program is flourishing. The leadership initiative works in tandem with the Gateway program to help African American males achieve academic and personal success. Its goal is to increase retention and graduation rates through tutoring, mentoring, leadership training, and academic support. Joseph Robinson, a M2M program participant, is enthusiastic about its potential, stating that the program is “motivating me to keep going in life – and helping the people with me to get there.”

Hanover Research’s collaboration with Hinds administrators enabled the success of these two award winning grant proposals. Chad Ross, Managing Director at Hanover, commented on the programs’ successes: “In order to be funded in today’s grantseeking environment, every proposal must have a plan for sustainability. In the case of Hinds, it’s great to see our sustainability plan in action. The College received the awards, implemented sustainable programs, and now has an array of successful long-term student outcomes to show for it.”


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