Washington Business Journal Interviews Hanover for Insight on Business School Enrollment

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The Washington Business Journal featured Hanover’s Chief Content Officer, Anil Prahlad, in its article  “A Dean Sweep in Greater D.C.” Hanover provided expert insight on the impact that recent dean turnover in the Washington, D.C.-area may have on enrollment and alumni relations. The full article can be accessed here, and an excerpt of the article can be found below:

When nearly half of Greater Washington’s business schools saw their deans turn over in the past year, it was hard not to notice.

But is it time to worry?

Not necessarily, experts say. Such leadership change can be good for universities, particularly if they’re facing declining enrollment, which has been a challenge nationally. “We’re seeing enrollment decline, generally across the board,” said Anil Prahlad, chief content officer of Hanover Research, an Arlington custom research firm specializing in higher education. “We think the turnover is really the result of enrollment declines, rather than the other way around.”

Locally, a little more than half of the schools on our List showed declining enrollment in full-time MBA programs. Prahlad also pointed to one-third fewer U.S. citizens taking the GMAT from 2010 to 2015 and an 11 percent drop in MBA enrollments nationwide since 2009. “Even in the last five years, full-time enrollment in business schools has gone down by about 5 percent,” he said.

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