Inside Higher Ed featured commentary from Hanover’s Fox Troilo, Senior Content Director, in its article ‘Early-Alert Systems Seen as Mixed Bag.’ Hanover provided expert insight into determining attrition factors at higher education institutions. Fox highlighted the need for customized solutions for universities looking to improve student retention rates.

Inside Higher Ed - Student Attrition
Finding an early-alert system that fits an institution’s culture is key to its success, said Fox Troilo, senior research adviser for higher education at Hanover Research. Hanover works with institutions to look at which factors might be causing student attrition by surveying current and past students who have dropped out of classes. This data are then used to create a predictive model that identifies students who are likely to be most at risk. (Note: Hanover does some survey work for Inside Higher Ed.)

Universities largely have the same goals for their early-alert systems: they want to improve student retention rates and ensure more students graduate. But which data need to be tracked and collected to achieve these goals will vary by institution, Troilo said.

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