Product Concept Testing: The Secret to Meeting Customer Needs

Customer needs today are constantly shifting, so businesses must leverage customer insights to develop and launch the products that customers truly want. Hanover’s latest infographic, Product Concept Testing: The Secret to Meeting Customer Needs, outlines how product concept testing can help organizations understand customer needs by gauging their reactions to potential product concepts.

Webinar Recording: Trends in Shifting Consumer Behavior

On May 25th, Hanover teamed up with an expert panel to discuss how B2C brands can leverage the changing environment. With detailed insights from our “Trends in Shifting Consumer Behavior” report, we outline how B2C brands can identify opportunities to capture market share, develop a deeper understanding of consumers using data, retain current consumers, and […]

5 Steps to Creating a Customer Journey Map

picture of 5 Steps to Creating a Customer Journey Map

Customer purchase patterns are changing rapidly. With 95% of organizations reporting that customer journey maps have helped them increase customer satisfaction, now is a critical time for companies to take advantage of these tools. Our infographic, 5 Steps to Creating a Customer Journey Map, outlines how organizations can illustrate every customer touchpoint and interaction in […]

Webinar Recording: Trends in B2B Sales and Marketing

B2B buyer behavior and preferences have shifted significantly during the pandemic, making it crucial for B2B organizations to update their sales and marketing strategies to engage with buyers in different ways.   Featuring an expert panel, Hanover Research reveals how B2B organizations are responding to changing buyer behavior, meeting digital demands to safeguard customer loyalty, […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Market Analysis

cover image for a step-by-step guide to market analysis

To successfully adapt to new market trends brought on by the pandemic, it is critical that organizations rely on data, not guesswork, to make growth decisions. Our Step-by-Step Guide to Market Analysis helps organizations reduce risk and maximize returns with market analysis by breaking down the five critical steps companies should follow: Quantify the opportunity […]

2021 Trends in Shifting Consumer Behavior

report cover for 2021 Trends in Shifting Consumer Behavior

42% of consumers said they spent time during the pandemic re-evaluating what they want from a brand or product. Is your brand adapting to meet the rapidly shifting needs and preferences of consumers? To help B2C brands leverage the changing environment, Hanover surveyed consumers and B2C marketing leaders for our 2021 Trends in Shifting Consumer […]

COVID-19 Situation Report

covid-19 business situation report

To understand the economic, political, and public health trajectories of the COVID-19 crisis, Hanover updates its COVID-19 Situation Report on a regular basis. After initially tracking the evolution of the pandemic by comparing the case of the United States, China, and Italy, Hanover is now focusing on the federal and state level responses to COVID-19 […]

2021 Trends in B2B Manufacturing

cover of the 2021 Trends in B2B Manufacturing report

Customer needs are changing, fast. B2B manufacturers need to adapt with the market to stay competitive. Are you ready? To help answer this question, Hanover surveyed manufacturing leaders to bring you the 2021 Trends in B2B Manufacturing Report. Check it out to examine how other manufacturers are: Adapting to changing B2B buyer journeys Meeting digital […]

Webinar Recording: Seeking New Growth Opportunities Through Market Analysis

As the US economy confronts uncertainty across multiple fronts, companies across the economic landscape are looking for ways to reinforce their core markets and capitalize on emerging opportunities by targeting markets unaffected (or positively affected) by the pandemic.   In this webinar, Hanover’s Chief Content Officer, Anil Prahlad, and Aviacode Inc.’s Vice President of Marketing […]