COVID-19 Situation Report

covid-19 business situation report

To understand the economic, political, and public health trajectories of the COVID-19 crisis, Hanover updates its COVID-19 Situation Report on a regular basis. After initially tracking the evolution of the pandemic by comparing the case of the United States, China, and Italy, Hanover is now focusing on the federal and state level responses to COVID-19 […]

Product Development Reduces Risk and Increases ROI: An Assessment of COVID-19 Impact

Businesses are more risk averse than ever—in fact, over 2 in 5 organizations have launched product development-related activities as a direct result of COVID-19, as many executives see it as a valuable way to reduce risk. Being confident in an investment’s ability to generate revenue is imperative in the current economic climate. Hanover Research reissued […]

Webinar Recording: Getting Product Development Right in the COVID-19 Era

The significant impact of COVID-19 on global supply chains, manufacturing, and production, along with risk avoidance, has caused many US companies to delay or reverse product launches. However, trends in consumer spending and the longevity of the pandemic’s impact indicate there is still need to develop and launch products during this time of uncertainty. In […]

COVID-19 Business Response Snapshot

COVID-19 coronavirus Business Response Snapshot

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, organizations are striving to stay up-to-date on how other U.S. businesses are responding to and being impacted by the situation. Our COVID-19 Business Response Snapshot provides an excerpt from our comprehensive Business Conditions Tracker, available to members here on the client portal. This snapshot, updated bimonthly, details COVID-19’s […]

The State of Brand Measurement

The State of Brand Measurement

Now more than ever, it’s critical for organizations to clearly define and aggressively differentiate their unique value proposition, as well as shore up customer loyalty and become more nimble and adaptable. Brand measurement can help achieve these goals by providing insights into how an organization’s brand, independent of its products or other characteristics, drives revenue […]

Mermet Leverages Path-to-Purchase Insights to Help Expand Its Online Presence

Overview Client: Mermet Industry: Textile Manufacturing Headquarters Location: Cowpens, SC Website: Research Methodologies Used: Path to Purchase Survey   Challenge Mermet manufactures and sells premium solar screen fabrics to architects, designers, fabricators, and dealers for a variety of applications. To explore how these customer groups prefer to receive and consume product information prior to […]

Webinar Recording: Build Brand Loyalty through COVID-19

As businesses grapple with the pandemic’s effect on buying behaviors, maintaining brand loyalty is critical to long-term success. How can organizations develop highly resonant messaging and shore up brand allegiance in a constantly-shifting landscape? Listen as our panel of marketing experts,  Jocelyn Robertson (Director of Marketing, Daiya Foods Inc.), Marcia Hunt (Chief Marketing Officer, NutraDried […]

Brand Tracking 101 Guide

Brand Tracking

Ongoing brand tracking is essential for improving brand health and tracking the ROI of marketing initiatives. However, establishing a brand tracking strategy can be difficult, time-consuming, and costly. To help, we created the Brand Tracking 101 guide. In this guide, learn how to: Develop a brand tracking strategy Understand the key metrics that determine your […]

COVID-19 Impact on Consumer Spending

As a result of COVID-19, consumers have shifted away from spending on non-essential products, and are prioritizing spending in essential product categories. However, brand loyalty is impacted in essential categories. In order to retain customer loyalty and wallet-share, it is vital for companies to understand and track consumer behavior and preferences now more than ever. […]