The 2021 State of Prospective Student Enrollment

Between ongoing economic challenges, new and more dangerous COVID-19 variants, and fluctuating instructional environments, the higher education landscape is facing a wave of uncertainty and evolution—including how these factors might affect future enrollment. Even as they grow more accustomed to the “new normal” of social distancing and remote learning, today’s prospective college students have significant […]

Grantseeker’s Guide to the FY 2022 Budget Request

Released earlier this summer, the Biden administration’s FY 2022 budget proposal includes substantial increases in funding for most federal agencies. Pending approval by Congress, the budget request provides an initial glimpse at the strategic investments and major initiatives planned by federal grantmakers, including funding for new and existing discretionary grant programs.   In this webinar, […]

Communicating Value in a Pandemic-Shaped World

In this Roundtable, our panel addresses the challenges and opportunities in communicating their institution’s value while sharing insights on the broader marketing and recruitment landscape in the constantly evolving higher education environment.   Communicating with students and stakeholders is crucial to an institution’s success, and the best framework for this communication varies greatly, dependent upon […]

For International Students, a College Experience Shaped by Support, Careers, and COVID-19


For international students who traveled across the globe to attend a U.S. college or university, the COVID-19 pandemic upended nearly every aspect of their higher education experience. Indeed, in a recent survey, 81% of international students said the pandemic had a moderate-to-significant impact on their college experience. Conducted by Hanover Research on behalf of the […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Comprehensive Academic Portfolio Review

Declining enrollments, the shifting demographics of college students, and the budgetary and enrollment impacts of COVID-19 have left many academic leaders contemplating how well their institutions are positioned to meet the demands of a changing educational landscape. For many institutions, preparing for the future begins with proactively evaluating their academic offerings now. Colleges and universities […]

Grantmaking Trends in Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

With virtually all institutions placing an increased emphasis on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), many grantmakers have shifted or expanded their efforts in the DEI space in recent years.   This webinar provides an overview of key trends related to funding for DEI initiatives, including: A review of major grantmakers supporting DEI efforts at the […]

7 Key Findings in COVID-19 Hiring Trends (H1 2021)

Are your programs meeting labor market demands? Within a fast-changing job market, it is critical for higher education institutions to align their academic programs with the education and skills that employers are seeking in new hires. This takes on heightened importance as institutions revisit their academic portfolio in the post-pandemic environment. Our latest report analyzes […]

Community College Townhall: Optimizing Cross-Departmental Collaboration

In this town hall, Hanover convened an esteemed panel of vice presidents to discuss how they approach cross-departmental collaboration and the interconnected nature of persistence, enrollment, and programming. This conversation centered around innovative ideas and leveraging data to adapt wrap-around services to community needs, recruit and serve new populations of students, and incorporate hybrid models […]

Your 5-Step Guide to Successful Risk Mitigation

Emergency preparedness has always been important for campus leaders—but without the right framework in place, administrators may struggle to navigate unprecedented situations. Hanover Research has developed a scenario planning toolkit to support campus leaders in assessing their operations, developing a framework for managing risks, and adjusting as a situation unfolds.