Trends in K-12 Education: 2018

A New Era: K-12 Accountability Under Scrutiny

2018 is poised to be a landmark year for K-12 organizations. They face uncertain next steps regarding accountability for ESSA implementation. Meanwhile, student demographics continue to change. And, funding and staffing declines march on. However, there is hope on the horizon.

Based on Hanover’s proven, evidence-based analysis of K-12 schools in 2017, this report will give you insight into the seven biggest challenges for 2018, including:

  • How K-12 organizations can navigate the new ESSA accountability landscape
  • Closing the equality gap and meeting teacher shortages with shrinking budgets
  • Anticipating enrollment & demographic changes and supporting the “whole child” in a time of weakening social services
  • Creating a safe and engaged environment for students, family, leadership & the community in a time of rising political tensions

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