2019 Teacher Perspectives on Professional Development

Professional development provides satisfying, relevant, and actionable guidance to K-12 educators. To keep up with the evolving K-12 world, educators are receiving more training than ever before. 85% of surveyed respondents received training in 2018-2019.

Professional development has become crucial in the wake of growing teacher shortages, increased student diversity, and school safety and climate concerns. However, this training can fall short in offering the information educators need most. How can district leaders know if their training programs are meeting educators’ needs?

Hanover Research surveyed K-12 educators to understand where districts can improve their development offerings. In this report, 2019 Teacher Perspectives on Professional Development, Hanover breaks down:

  • The training topics educators completed in 2018-2019 and the delivery methods they used;
  • The impact this training had on educators’ instructional practice; and
  • The topics and delivery methods respondents would like to see offered in the future.

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Hanover Research