2019 Trends in B2B E-Commerce

By 2025, the e-commerce sector for B2B vendors will outsize its B2C counterpart. B2B e-commerce is expected to draw 12% of all B2B sales in 2019 by harnessing B2C e-commerce strategies. These strategies help companies acquire new customers, upsell/cross-sell with current buyers, and empower buyers to more easily serve themselves.

B2B buyers increasingly demand a B2C-like online purchasing journey, making this crucial for suppliers to adopt in order to remain competitive. To do so, companies must address e-commerce challenges to platform functionality, payment options, and features preferred by customers.

This report discusses how B2B companies can successfully incorporate e-commerce by evaluating:

  • The current state of e-commerce
  • Top industries posed for e-commerce growth
  • The evolving B2B buyer and their specific e-commerce preferences
  • Research solutions to address common e-commerce pain points

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