2019 trends in market analysis

Market analysis—used to inform growth investments in current and new markets—is critical for organizations that want to build competitive advantage and grow market share. A survey of a cross-section of U.S. companies suggests that a significant majority (79%) have commissioned some type of custom research geared toward these objectives in the last three years.

To understand current trends for custom market research and data analysis, Hanover Research conducted a study, which found that most companies have recurring market analysis needs. Companies are willing to invest in external resources with the breadth and depth of knowledge to inform growth investments in current or new markets.

Our report, 2019 Trends in Market Analysis, dives further into the study results, discussing:

  • How companies use market analysis research, and what they expect from it
  • What information is most relevant to companies seeking to grow market share or to enter new markets, and what methods are used to obtain this information
  • How companies work with market analysis research vendors, and how satisfied they are with their results

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