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2020 Trends in K-12 Education

As we enter a new decade, policy changes, demographic shifts, demand for teacher wellness initiatives, and evolving technology are creating new challenges in K-12 education and influencing district leaders’ priorities.

In the classroom, educators are teaching more diverse student populations who require varied supports. At the same time, educators are increasingly requesting wellness initiatives to help them manage the stress of their roles. Outside of the classroom, districts are under pressure to begin postsecondary readiness much earlier than high school to develop the capacity to regularly and effectively measure program effectiveness. In the community, districts are navigating increased calls for more effective family and community communication through mastering a complex and ever-changing array of communication technology platforms. With changes to the student population, demands for increased support for educators, and evolving technology, district leaders are facing new challenges in their mission to foster supportive learning environments.

Understand the Latest Trends

k-12 education trend report

Understand The Latest Trends in K–12 Eduction

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