2021 Trends in K-12 Education

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2021 trends in k-12 education

K-12 leaders have an opportunity to reflect on the unprecedented challenges of 2020 and leverage lessons learned as a catalyst to introduce new strategies that advance equity, support teachers, and engage the community.

Hanover’s 2021 Trends in K-12 Education Report summarizes emerging trends and offers recommendations on:

  • The use of taskforces and equity audits to advance equity and instill diversity and inclusion within schools
  • Effective trauma-informed practices to support students through crises
  • Innovative teacher recruitment strategies
  • How districts can improve working conditions and provide targeted supports for staff
  • Increasing parent engagement in a virtual or hybrid setting
  • How to prioritize programs and resources when facing potential or impending budget shortfalls


Download the report to learn how district leaders can address the prominent challenges facing parents, teachers, and students during the 2021-2022 academic year.

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