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2023 Trends in K-12 Education

This school year K–12 leaders are tackling academic recovery and operational effectiveness to overcome noticeable setbacks in test scores, mental health challenges, and staff turnover. Understanding how to make informed decisions amid so many complex challenges has never been more urgent. The 2023 Trends in K–12 Education report provides insights, recommendations, and case studies that illuminate emerging issues in schools and districts.

Download the 2023 Trends in K–12 Education report to find guidance for: 

  • Transforming strategic plans into meaningful action 
  • Increasing the quality of instruction to advance academic recovery 
  • Including student voice in key decisions 
  • Strengthening teacher retention strategies
  • Protecting student well-being 

“Even as they try to make sense of so many challenges and setbacks, district leaders are pushing forward and striving to turn the tide. Around the nation, districts are faced with tackling short-term hurdles while looking to the future with greater flexibility and empathy. Addressing these concerns is critical if schools hope to stem historic levels of teacher turnover, improve the well-being of students and teachers, and successfully achieve academic recovery.” 

Hanover’s 2023 Trends in K–12 Education report highlights both new and ongoing issues and priorities that will remain prominent throughout the coming year. Drawn from Hanover’s K–12 experience advising and collaborating with hundreds of districts and education agencies, this report will help district leaders make informed decisions about the complex challenges they face in 2023–24 — decisions that can have positive, lasting effects on their schools and communities. 

Embracing Change in Schools in 2023 and Beyond

To keep pace with the changes in K–12 education, K–12 leaders are focused on developing new strategic action plans and instructional programs for a changed landscape, all while targeting long-term goals and successes. It’s a huge undertaking, one made even more difficult in an atmosphere where polarized public discourse permeates the classroom, often putting teachers and the public at odds when it comes to addressing sensitive subject matter. But tackled with energy and empathy, these challenges offer leaders an opportunity to enact meaningful change.

As schools adapt and persevere, they understand that strategic action is necessary to preserve effective learning and staffing levels. With a long-term focus on mental health and school climate, districts are striving to ensure a safe, equitable environment for students. And by providing additional training and wellness resources for educators, leaders can help to calm the chaos of the past three years. There is hope on the horizon, and preparedness can help districts’ optimism become a reality.  

“Leaders that dig deep to update strategic plans, improve school climate, and foster inclusion will be strongly positioned to navigate the years ahead. They must continue looking forward, knowing that a strong road map will help them stay the course.”


District and school leaders can make informed decisions using the insights from Hanover's 2023 Trends in K-12 Education report.

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