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2024 Trends in Higher Education

Higher education leaders are being tested in unrivaled ways — from enrollment struggles to financial stressors, student support needs, legislative restrictions, free speech challenges, and the rapid expansion of artificial intelligence. The colleges and universities that reinforce their decisions with data and research will be the ones that successfully weather any oncoming storms.

Download our report, 2024 Trends in Higher Education, for a fresh take on the top trends and bold ideas shaping institutions this year: 

  • Reduced enrollment barriers
  • Student supports to improve retention
  • High-return academic programs
  • Institutional value and economic impact 
  • Nimble approaches to finances and operations 

…Institutions are meeting the moment with a renewed sense of tenacity and an eye toward longevity. We’re seeing colleges and universities forge fresh paths in 2024 to reduce student enrollment barriers, deliver stronger support to retain students, enhance the quality and relevance of academic offerings, illuminate their impressive economic impact, and rebalance their operations with agility. 

Higher Education Leaders Use Data to Drive Tough Decisions

The last few years in higher education have been marked by mounting pressures and increased public scrutiny from multiple directions. Yet, institutions are rising to the challenge and tackling these issues head-on, rather than resting on their laurels.  

Many colleges and universities are using research and data to improve how they communicate their value, confirm their relevancy, and deliver results in today’s shifting world. In supporting our members’ challenges and solutions, we have developed this report to illuminate the primary trends that we believe will shape higher education in the coming year. 

Hanover’s 2024 Trends in Higher Education Report is drawn from our higher education research and experience advising and collaborating with hundreds of institutions. The trends, recommendations, and case studies outlined in this report are intended to signal how institutional leaders can prepare for the landscape ahead and use practical, data-informed insights to fuel a renewed era of higher education success — for institutions, students, and society at large. 


To compare this year’s trends to last year’s, check out the 2023 Trends in Higher Education report.

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