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2024 Trends in K-12 Education

In 2024, district leaders and educators across the U.S. continue to display adaptability and resilience. Hanover Research’s K–12 experts have selected six trends that reflect key issues that schools and districts are grappling with this year. Based on our collaboration with hundreds of districts, agencies, and associations across the nation, our hope is that this collection of data, recommendations, and case studies will help prepare your district to achieve even greater success in the next school year. 

Download the 2024 Trends in K–12 Education report for the latest guidance for school districts on: 

  • Marketing and advocacy amid competitive enrollments 
  • Consistent program measurement as ESSER funds expire 
  • Community engagement to improve school climate 
  • Change management strategies that build district capacity 
  • Support for teacher professional learning and growth 
  • Guidance on artificial intelligence integration 

“In the face of funding reductions, shrinking enrollments, academic achievement concerns, external criticism, and internal pressures, 2024 is the year for schools and districts to champion systematic approaches to data collection, analysis, and organizational best practices.”

Shaping the Future of K–12 Schools in 2024 and Beyond 

The last four years in education have undoubtedly been atypical. School districts have grappled with myriad challenges, from facilitating learning during a pandemic to transitioning toward academic recovery initiatives in the face of staff shortages, political divides, and budgetary limitations. Yet through it all, district leaders and educators have relentlessly pressed forward, meeting significant challenges with grit, new tools, technologies, best practices, and a steadfast focus on the well-being of students. 

Despite both new and ongoing challenges, in 2024 districts are applying lessons from the past and gaining momentum on new strategic goals. Notably, we’re seeing a refreshed focus on measuring high-quality learning and teaching to propel improved student and teacher outcomes. As academic recovery efforts continue, districts are increasingly leveraging quantitative and qualitative data and best practices research to inform their operations, navigate controversies, and deepen their relationships with all members of their learning communities, including families and the public. 

In the face of great challenges, educators and leaders in 2024 are demonstrating even greater resilience, particularly when their decisions are guided by data and research. 

To compare this year’s trends to last year’s, check out the 2023 Trends in K–12 Education report.

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