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4 Ways to Measure Marketing Effectiveness in Higher Education

In a competitive enrollment environment, having a sharp and efficient marketing strategy is a vital asset. Higher education marketing teams are increasingly using more sophisticated tactics to communicate value, attract new applicants, and engage current students. But putting in marketing effort doesn’t always translate to a strong marketing performance. To increase the return on investments, institutions must have and use a variety of marketing measurement tools to track, analyze, and optimize their key performance indicators. 

Download Hanover’s 4 Ways to Measure Marketing Effectiveness in Higher Education to learn how to refine your institution’s approach to: 

  • Brand value measurement
  • Audience measurement
  • Message measurement
  • Channel measurement 

This guide unpacks four indispensable ways your institution can validate the success of its marketing impact to ensure your institution is maximizing resources, expressing a clear brand value, engaging with the right audiences, and increasing the number of prospects and inquiries at your door.” 

A More Comprehensive Approach to Measuring Marketing Performance 

As many colleges and universities continue to experience challenges in meeting enrollment goals, marketing departments are stepping up to support their institutions more than ever. As a result, marketing budgets — and expectations of results — are increasing. 

Leaders in marketing must use a variety of increasingly sophisticated tools and techniques to communicate their institution’s value, attract new applicants, and engage current students. While monitoring the performance of activities such as social media engagement, search engine rankings, and paid ad impressions is integral to any marketing plan, higher education marketers are being asked to do even more. In addition to applying the right marketing tactics to yield the recruitment and retention results they want, they must also establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for each activity and carefully measure the results to understand and demonstrate they return on investment. 

Across the enrollment journey spectrum, an institution’s marketing efforts must attract prospects, generate inquiry leads, convert applicants, and retain admitted students. To succeed in each of these areas, institutions must have clear measurement tools in place to track, analyze, and optimize their brand health, their demographic targeting efforts, their messaging, and their promotional campaigns and channels. The institutions that address all of these facets are the ones in the strongest positions to grow their student enrollment.

Improve your institution's marketing effectiveness by measuring key performance indicators related to its brand value, audiences, messages, and channels.

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Build a comprehensive approach to measuring your institution’s brand value, audiences, messages, and channels.

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