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4 Ways to Support Faculty-Led Higher Education Grants

Many higher education institutions are interested in expanding their grantseeking capacity and are including grant-funded research in their strategic plans. But building an institutional infrastructure for grantseeking is not enough.  

Colleges and universities must also cultivate individuals’ research expertise and nurture effective teams to deepen grant capabilities. 

Download our guide, 4 Ways to Support Faculty-Led Higher Education Grants, to avoid the most common barriers to grantseeking by: 

  • Designing a long-term strategy 
  • Cultivating the right team and partners 
  • Allocating appropriate resources and support
  • Managing competing priorities 

Research grant responsibilities are often delegated to faculty or staff who are overworked, unprepared for the grantseeking process, or missing critical resources to be successful. As a result, institutions miss opportunities to maximize their research program capabilities.

Higher Education Grants Require a Strong Grantseeking Culture

Grantseeking in higher education should be a purposeful and targeted process that advances an institution’s strategic mission, vision, and values. However, with an increasing number of applicants competing for fewer grant dollars, every institution is looking for an edge. This means building a stellar research grant funding portfolio requires developing both institutional capacity and individual expertise 

To encourage more grantseeking on your campus, Hanover Research has identified four winning strategies that will not only elevate your faculty’s research grant endeavors, but also ensure they align with your institution’s strategic vision.

“Ultimately, if your institution has a research funding strategy that includes training, resources, and policies for faculty and staff, a strong culture of grantseeking will emerge. Employees will be motivated to seek grants because they will understand how the process works and what support is available to them.”


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