5 Higher Ed Trends to Watch in 2023–24

As the higher education landscape continues to shift dramatically, college and university leaders must stay abreast of emerging higher education trends in 2023-24 that affect students, staff, faculty, and families. Institutions that keep up with shifts in enrollment, finances, and student well-being are better equipped to plan appropriately for a new academic year and be ready to respond to sudden changes with confidence.

Download Hanover’s 5 Higher Ed Trends to Watch in 2023–2024 for a closer look at how your institution can address rising concerns around: 

  • The role of career-focused learning 
  • Fostering debt-free education for students
  • Improving institutional financial stability 
  • Promoting student inclusion and support 
  • Quantifying marketing results 

22 states have introduced anti-DEI legislation as of July 2023. As state and federal challenges to diversity, equity, and inclusion programs spread, institutions must continue investing in students’ well-being.” 

Addressing Higher Education Challenges in a New Academic Year

As institutions continue to reshape themselves after weathering the COVID-19 pandemic era, college and university leaders face a host of new and continued challenges. From recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions on race-conscious admissions and student loan forgiveness to political controversies over DEI programs and plunging public confidence in the value of a college degree, 2023 so far has not been a quiet return to normal.  

Now more than ever, institutions need a fresh perspective on the challenges ahead and have the information they need to make effective decisions and maintain a competitive advantage in the coming academic year. Hanover Research provides institutional leaders with evidence-based insights that lead to strategic and operational results. 

Equip your institution for a successful 2023–24 year with Hanover’s updated trend insights. 

Stay on top of the latest higher education trends in 2023-24 with best practices in Hanover's infographic

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