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Transforming Strategic Plans into Results: A K-12 Action Planning Toolkit

K–12 leaders face pressures to not only manage district operations, but also demonstrate how they are continually improving outcomes. Continuous improvement doesn’t usually happen easily or by accident. But by following a proven action planning process, your district can identify the steps for successful strategic plan implementation. This toolkit enables district administrators understand how to operationalize strategic plans, ensuring your district will make choices that lead to positive changes and better student outcomes. 

Download our toolkit, Transforming Strategic Plans into Results, to learn about: 

  • Action planning vs. strategic planning 
  • Identifying key performance indicators 
  • Establishing progress monitoring systems
  • Communicating your progress to community members

“While a strategic plan is a shared vision of the future, an action plan is a roadmap that illustrates how you’ll get there. Both are needed to make successful district improvements.

What Is an Action Plan?

Action plans break down long-term strategic goals into specific, attainable actions over a particular time period. They push district administrators to articulate what specific actions the district will take, who is tasked with each action, when it will occur, what resources are required, and how it will be communicated. Action plans are an important way to balance feasibility and accountability, allowing for continuous improvement and ongoing success. 

No matter where your district is in the strategic planning process, it’s never too early to start thinking about implementation and progress monitoring. This hands-on toolkit includes an action plan template you can fill in along with key progress monitoring questions and tips for continuous improvement. 

Download the toolkit now to transform your strategic plans into positive results.

Use this guide and strategic action planning template to implement positive changes aligned with your district's strategic goals

Implement effective strategic actions

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