Alumni Engagement Strategies to Promote Fundraising

Alumni gifts are the second-largest source of charitable contributions for higher education institutions. However, as the number of contributing alumni continues to decline, an effective alumni engagement strategy is increasingly important.

However, declining trends in the number of contributing alumni and competition over limited donation dollars have made alumni engagement increasingly important. Introducing modern approaches, like social media, while updating traditional outreach strategies can help institutions create connections with alumni that lay the foundation for future giving. The following brief outlines implementation tips of new media strategies and traditional outreach strategies to foster alumni engagement.

This brief includes

Alumni Report Cover

Develop research-based engagement strategies

With a solid alumni engagement foundation, institutions can use the Alumni Social Fundraising Toolkit to implement three of the most popular online giving initiatives. Of note, nearly two-thirds of higher education advancement offices reported testing at least one type of social media fundraising approach. The most prevalent strategy used was the Day of Giving campaign, which generated at least $50,000 in total donations for half of those who implemented it.

Start creating connections with alumni that lay the foundation for future giving.

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