Anti-Racism Discussion Guide

It is imperative for districts and school leaders to cultivate anti-racist school systems that embrace diversity and advance equity. Nationwide uprisings against police brutality and movements like Black Lives Matter have recently catalyzed many districts to examine internal policies and push critical discussions with stakeholders regarding race, racism, and equity.

District leaders across the country are asking how they as individuals can (a) examine their own beliefs and actions and (b) foster an environment in which they can push conversations about race, racism, and other equity issues. Although conversations about race pull individuals out of their comfort zones and, at times, lead to conflict and tension between participants, it is important to lead productive discussions about equity issues in your districts and schools.

We created the Anti-Racism Discussion Guide to help districts plan and navigate these critical conversations. The guide outlines strategies to establish goals for an equity discussion and ensure specific actions are taken after the meeting by school leaders and stakeholders to combat institutional racism and foster an equitable environment.

Download the guide to learn more about:

  • How to set goals for an equity discussion
  • Which questions help uncover issues and drive a meaningful discussion
  • Potential actions to take as a result of the perspectives and information shared

Download the guide today!

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