the case for data-driven program development

In the highly competitive market of higher education, institutions understand the importance of graduate outcomes and student interest and are now taking a more data-driven approach when vying for prospective students.

One key factor in attracting students is offering a portfolio of compelling academic degree programs. However, when it comes to evaluating or launching a new academic program, many institutions have different opinions regarding the steps that should be taken.

Since 2017, Hanover has reviewed over 1,100 potential academic offerings for institutions across the country. Our extensive research has unearthed proven processes and methodologies to launch a successful academic program. We outline these methods in our research brief, The Case for Data-Driven Program Development.

Before you consider launching a new degree program, download the brief to understand:

  • The four key decision factors all higher education institutions should consider when evaluating a potential academic program
  • What data points to collect to ensure the optimal academic offerings
  • The most effective research tools and methodologies available to gather the information needed to make effective, data-based program decisions

Download the brief now!

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