college decision day

On May 1, College Decision Day in the U.S., students decide which higher education institution is right for them. This can be an exciting day for students anticipating their college futures. After months of research and college visits, it is finally time to make a decision.

There are several factors that can influence which college a student decides to attend. Location, cost, education quality, and engagement are all factors that can make or break school decisions. With a 4% decline in first-time college student enrollment, it is imperative that institutions target the factors influencing these decisions.

This infographic, College Decision Day, helps institutions understand students’ top decision factors. This infographic discusses:

  • Four key factors that influence student decisions
  • Recommendations for encouraging out-of-state students to visit campus
  • Financial aid and tuition strategies to incorporate to alleviate students’ cost concerns
  • Marketing recruitment strategies to encourage prospective student engagement

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