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Brand Tracking 101 Toolkit

Ongoing brand tracking is essential for improving brand health and tracking the ROI of marketing initiatives. However, establishing a brand tracking strategy can be difficult, time-consuming, and costly.

Why is measuring brand health difficult? Brand health is impacted by a variety of factors, including the ever-changing technology buyers can use to discover, engage, and comment on an organization’s brand (and its competitors). Successful brand health measurement means being able to measure the brand health metrics that matter, track brand health over time, and contextualize brand health strengths and weaknesses to adjust brand strategy.

To help, we created the Brand Tracking 101 toolkit.

You Will Learn To

Understand how to track your brand health

Proving ROI from marketing activities and investments is difficult—40% of marketers say proving the ROI of their marketing activities is their top marketing challenge.

McKinsey & Co.

Building and maintaining a healthy brand is easier said than done. Effective measurement is critical to understanding the many factors that impact brand health.

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