Cost Containment, Savings, and Efficiencies in Higher Education

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higher education cost containment efficiencies and savings

As pressure mounts to invest more in non-academic initiatives like new campus facilities and athletic programs, budgets continue to shrink. As a result, higher education administrators are seeking out opportunities for cost containment, savings, and efficiencies. However, any cost cuts must preserve or enhance institutional quality to maintain the institution’s reputation and prestige.

This research brief helps administrators navigate this balancing act by outlining key strategies for reducing academic programming and non-academic costs.

In the Research Brief you’ll learn:

  • Tips on how to cut costs while maintaining and/or enhancing institutional quality
  • Best practices for reducing academic programming costs including adjusting class size and identifying low-growth programs
  • Strategies for reducing non-academic programming costs such as business process improvement, procurement, and facilities and maintenance
  • PLUS: A Cost Metric Checklist to determine savings yielded from implementing one or more of the cost savings strategies

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