COVID-19 Field Guide for Higher Education

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2019) has thrown the world into disarray—and higher education institutions nationwide are feeling the hit. With institutions scrambling to determine how to slow the spread of the virus on campus, finish out the spring academic term, and communicate effectively with students, faculty/staff, and the community, many administrators are feeling overwhelmed with how to respond to this unprecedented event.

There is no shortage of communications and resources on COVID-19—but administrators don’t have time to wade through the vast amount of information available. To give you the resources you need to craft your COVID-19 response strategy, Hanover Research created the COVID-19 Field Guide for Higher Education specifically addressing the needs of higher education institutions.

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covid-19 higher education field guide

Develop An Effective COVID-19 Strategy

Universities will also need to consider how to support students who do not have the resources to effectively participate in distance education. Additionally, when shifting to online education, universities must also address how to support low-income, part-time, or other students who are already at the greatest risk of dropping out from classes.

Download this report for a selection of custom research that can provide the inputs needed for an effective COVID-19 response.

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