COVID-19 Field Guide for K-12 Education

COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2019) has forced a significant number of school and district closures requiring school boards and district leaders to change the way they handle district operations.

K-12 leaders have to provide food services, social and emotional supports, academic services, and mental health services within the constraints of social distancing. Due to these unprecedented demands, many administrators are overwhelmed by the volume of information and demands inundating them every day.

There is no shortage of communications and resources on COVID-19—but administrators don’t have time to wade through the vast amount of information available. To give you the resources you need to craft your COVID-19 response strategy, Hanover Research created the COVID-19 Field Guide for K-12 Education specifically addressing the needs of K-12 school districts.

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covid-19 k-12 education field guide

Develop An Effective COVID-19 Strategy

Districts and schools should examine, update, and utilize existing emergency plans for infectious disease outbreaks. Importantly, these plans should emphasize strategies to limit the spread of COVID-19 infections such as appropriate personal hygiene procedures (e.g., hand washing), staff and students remaining at home when sick, and sanitation of frequently touched surfaces in school buildings.

Download this report for a selection of custom research that can provide the inputs needed for an effective COVID-19 response.

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