As a result of COVID-19, consumers have shifted away from spending on non-essential products, and are prioritizing spending in essential product categories. However, brand loyalty is impacted in essential categories. In order to retain customer loyalty and wallet-share, it is vital for companies to understand and track consumer behavior and preferences now more than ever.

To understand how consumer spending has been affected during a time of unprecedented economic disruption, Hanover Research has collected bi-weekly data on consumer impact and spending related to COVID-19 since April 20, 2020. This report, COVID-19 Impact on Consumer Spending, reflects the first wave of data to help companies benchmark and track consumer spend, frequency, and channels across product categories to maintain—and potentially strengthen—brand health during and after the pandemic.

Download the report for key findings, including:

  • Consumer spending across 16 essential and 10 non-essential product categories
  • Consumer sentiment across top indicators, including financial, economic, and employment impact
  • Product brands with the strongest and lowest customer loyalty

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