Customer Journey Mapping Toolkit

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Customer journey maps are invaluable tools that pave the way for personalization and targeted engagement. To yield actionable insights, customer journey maps must be based on data and analytics that may seem overwhelming to collect and compile. In fact, only 29% of senior marketers believe they have been effective at accurately mapping the customer journey.

An effective customer journey map can be broken down into distinct segments according to where the buyer is in the customer lifecycle. From awareness and consideration to purchase and retention, each phase requires unique measurement methods and reporting metrics. Using quantitative and qualitative data sources, Hanover creates a comprehensive customer view and shows where your brand or product can best intersect with that journey.

In this toolkit, Hanover breaks down the research tools needed to accurately map and measure each stage of the customer journey.

Download the toolkit to learn tips for how to:

Customer Journey Mapping Toolkit - eBook

Create an effective journey map

Get the tools you need to create a customer journey map that leads to targeted engagement


Ground your customer journey map in customer-based insights.


Drive your marketing strategy and segmentation.


Track the right metrics and connect KPIs of each stage back to the business value.

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