Customer Segmentation Guidebook

To keep pace with the evolving customer, organizations need to know whom to target, what influences their decisions, and how to reach them. Customer segmentation—breaking an audience into groups of customers with similar characteristics and preferences—helps achieve this, driving revenue and sales, increasing bottom lines, and promoting higher open and click rates.

While successful customer segmentation can support organizations in forging relationships with their audience, effectively segmenting customers can be a complex challenge.

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Customer Segmentation Guidebook

Effectively Target Your Most Valuable Buyers

Creating a targeted, unique plan to customize products and services for distinct audiences is quickly becoming one of the most important investments organizations can make. Executives agree that “improved understanding and selecting of buyers” is their single greatest investment area over the next three years (roughly 1.3 times more important than the next prioritized area of investment: improved attribution of online and offline sales).

Download this guidebook to learn to identify the most valuable buyers of a brand, product, or service and reveal who they are, what they value, and where/how to reach them.

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