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Drive Higher Education Enrollment with Cross-Departmental Collaboration

To be sure, the staff in your campus departments are working extremely hard. But do they know how to work together to drive enrollment growth? 

As post-pandemic enrollment continues to be uneven, every college or university department must play a role in supporting student recruitment and retention efforts. Yet within many institutions, departments attempt to address these challenges in silos. 

Download our guide, Drive Enrollment with Cross-Departmental Collaboration, to help key departments combine their expertise to drive real results: 

  • Grow the enrollment funnel 
  • Offer in-demand academic programs
  • Communicate institutional value 
  • Highlight alumni success 
  • Engage and retain students 
  • Optimize tuition and aid structure 

“Institutions don’t need to restructure departments or reconfigure costly physical spaces to benefit from increased cross-collaboration. By leveraging the unique strengths of each department and increasing cross-department communication, institutions can holistically maximize enrollment performance.”

Higher Education Enrollment Solutions Lie Outside of Silos

While colleges and universities have seen modest gains in enrollment numbers, first-year enrollment across all institutions declined by 3.6% in fall 2023. 

As college affordability concerns rise, public perceptions around the value and feasibility of four-year degrees have dimmed. Many students who dropped out in the last few years may never return. College-age populations are decreasing in many geographic areas, forcing institutions to compete for a shrinking applicant pool.  

With so many factors at play, the burden of addressing enrollment challenges cannot be placed on one department alone. Stronger partnerships and information sharing between enrollment services, academic affairs, marketing, alumni affairs, student affairs, and finance has a positive impact on students.  

Colleges and universities that coordinate an institution-wide strategic enrollment management strategy have an easier time boosting enrollment numbers and ensuring operations are streamlined to maximize the recruitment and retention of all students.

Find out how to drive enrollment growth at your institution by fostering partnership and collaboration among key departments

Increase enrollment through partnership and collaboration

Download the guide to learn how key departments can help solve enrollment challenges.

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