Engagement Strategies to Improve K-12 Teacher Retention

When teachers are engaged, the entire school district—and community—benefits. Teachers who are engaged with their work report high levels of satisfaction in working with school stakeholders. In addition, positive educator engagement leads to high quality education, innovative idea sharing, instruction tailored to student needs, and more.

Many districts are struggling to engage their teachers; 70% of teachers report not feeling engaged at work. All 50 states experienced teacher shortages at least once in the last two school years, largely due to teacher attrition. Without a strong focus on engagement, districts risk high turnover and poor student outcomes.

Fortunately, districts have several tools available to increase teacher retention. This infographic, Engagement Strategies to Improve K-12 Teacher Retention, breaks down:

  • The top strategies that drive teacher engagement
  • How districts can incorporate these strategies into school culture and professional development
  • Measurement tools districts can use to quantify teacher engagement levels

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