Enrollment Choice Report: Understanding Student Matriculation Decisions in 2019

The cost of higher education in the United States is reaching a tipping point. Less than a third of incoming undergraduate students now believe that the cost of attending a higher education institution in the United States is reasonable based on the value received.

The high tuition/high aid model used by many institutions will unlikely be sustainable in the long term, making it crucial for institutions to understand the factors that impact student enrollment decisions.

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enrollment choice report

Understand the factors that impact student enrollment decisions

Cost is by far the most important factor to prospective students when selecting where to apply. Over 60% of respondents selected tuition price as one of the most important factors when considering where to apply, with no other factor being chosen by more than half of students.

To attract student enrollment given present trends, colleges should consider

Tuition reset programs

Students may not even enquire about a school if they feel its ‘sticker price’ is too high

Investing additional resources in campus visit programs

Students are clear that these can make or break enrollment decisions.

Developing marketing campaigns

Develop campaigns that emphasize the return on investment that students receive from their education, given that many are increasingly skeptical of the value of higher education

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