the enrollment challenge: tactics for every department

Overall higher education enrollments in the United States declined for the eighth straight year in 2019, marking it as a challenge that extends beyond the enrollment office. Between intense recruiting competition and shrinking applicant pools, institutions are pressured to redefine the role each department plays in attracting new students.

Each department can play a role in turning the tide on falling enrollment. Our infographic, The Enrollment Challenge: Tactics for Every Department, outlines how institutions can take advantage of each department’s strengths to create an effective and holistic enrollment strategy.

Download the infographic to learn how:

  • Alumni Affairs can define and communicate institutional value by tracking graduate outcomes and gathering alumni feedback
  • Academic Affairs can build a portfolio of high-demand degree offerings using labor market and degree completions data
  • Marketing can communicate a unique value proposition and leverage various marketing channels to improve brand awareness and perception
  • Finance can address price sensitivity for prospective students and optimize tuition and aid
  • Student Affairs can build a vibrant student experience by assessing strengths and weaknesses related to institutional climate

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