k-12 extended closures impact survey

The transition to fully-remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic happened suddenly, leaving many school districts scrambling to adopt and implement online learning platforms to continue students’ education through the end of the school year. With the potential threat of additional school closures in the fall and/or winter of 2020, districts must learn from the successes and challenges of online learning experienced during the spring of 2020, and prepare students and families for extended remote learning during the next school year.

To help districts understand parents’ and staff members’ experiences with their COVID-19 pandemic response, as well as guide districts’ future planning, we created the Extended Closures Impact Survey. Districts can deploy this free, ready-to-use survey to gather key stakeholder perspectives into areas like:

  • Overall satisfaction with how student services have been maintained during the transition to remote learning
  • How educators are encouraging student engagement with online and remote learning materials
  • Barriers to students’ progress, such as lack of technology skills or guidance from administrators

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