Guide to Customer Experience Measurement

Creating a high-quality customer experience is a cornerstone for business success and growth. But consistently meeting customer expectations remains a challenge. Today, only 23% of customers are “very satisfied” with their experience. 

To develop an effective customer experience (CX) that satisfies your customers, you need in-depth insights into who your customers are, how they behave, and what they need.

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The CX Gap

For years, there’s been a persistent gap between the experiences companies think they provide and the experiences their customers actually have.  A Bain & Company study dating back to 2005 found a 72-point gap between companies’ perceptions of the customer experience they offered and customers’ reality. A separate study by Emplifi 2022 showed that the gap had risen to 76.

While many companies focus on improving customer experience, few have found a way to close the customer experience gap. This is where CX insights become critical. 

With strong, data-backed CX measurement framework, savvy companies can leverage CX insights to: 

  • Uncover where their customer experiences fall short 
  • Identify the most promising paths to delight customers 
  • Drive growth 

How to Measure the Customer Experience

Almost every aspect of your business feeds into the customer experience, resulting in a wealth of CX insights to parse through. With so much data at your fingertips, painting a clear picture and focusing on what matters most can be difficult. Consequently, many companies only measure a fraction of the CX insights that they should.  

To develop their measurement strategy, companies should view their CX measurement framework as consisting of three pillars of insight: 

  • Who their customers are 
  • What their customers do 
  • What their customers need 

Using a three-pillar approach to customer experience measurement, you can carefully and effectively focus your resources where they’ll have the greatest impact.

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